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At Dumfries Plant Hire We are a small family business operating Since 1977 we have experience working with Local Authorities, Construction & Energy Companies, Forrest and Farm Estates, Medium to Small Builders and the General Public. We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive and competitive solution to all Forestry, Agriculture, Ditching & Drainage Excavation, Construction, Building ground Work and Plant Hire requirements.

Forest V Ditching & drainage

Forrest ditching is important so trees are not water logged and have good drainage
Trees planted in soil with poor drainage will have a shallower root system than ones planted in well-draining soil.
trees can then put down deeper roots to get to water and have a better hold,
This will help prevent trees falling over easily in heavy wind blow conditions,
With good drainage you get better quality timber, better price for good grade timber

Farm Drainage

Cleaning out ditches
agricultural drainage to remove excess water from the soil in order to enhance crops
subsurface drains, and the construction of shallow ditches or waterways can allow the water to leave the field rather than causing prolonged wet areas.

Digger with wide tracks for low ground pressure useful in wet and boggy areas
General Plant Hire
Drainage – ditches
Road Construction, Forrest, farm tracks, and repair
Site clearance and excavation work
Construction and Landscaping of ponds
Foundations, Houses, Garages, building projects
Trenches for utilities water, electricity,
moving soil, Stone,
Telehandler work

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